This blog is designed so we can see how many of the 18-million voters are sticking together and NOT doing what the Democratic Party expects of us.

There are many that feel disenfranchised and disgusted with how Hillary was FORCED out of the race. This blog is FOR YOU!

The goal of this blog is to see HOW many of the 18-million voters we can inform of this site so they may visit us and BE COUNTED. Our goal is to see the number of responses accumulated under this post. Be patient but, be active and it will happen. Look at the beautiful calm picture above. Can’t you see 18-million of us walking up over the hill out of the horizon to take our place?!

This is how you participate:

#1 Please submit your comment here FIRST on this POST that you are now reading. Then if you want to post comments on the other posts please be our guest. (For those of you that have not posted a comment on a blog before; you simply go down to the bottom of this message and click on COMMENTS.  Then you scroll down to bottom of all the comments posted and in the box displayed is where you post your comment.)

#2 Please contact everyone you know that blogs or does not blog but, who are fed up with the political process and they want somewhere they can go to express their opinion and give their suggestions and comments.

#3 Check back with us often to see how the number is growing.

By the number of those that submit one comment to THIS POST we will be able to see how many of us out there are willing to stick together. With strength in numbers we are then able to come together and decide what we want to do to implement REAL change in our county.


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Hillary’s Speech is Beginning and the CROWD EXPLODES!

“Well, this is not the Party that I had planned but, I sure like the company.” (first line of Hillary’s speech)

WE, at, could NOT agree more with you Hillary! The D-Party is SURE NOT WHAT WE PLANNED but, we LOVE your company and the company of the 18-million voters who supported you and STILL DO.

So, as she stands there giving her concession speech – she has MORE delegates, more votes, and MORE states won than ANY OTHER presidential candidate that has EVER HAD to give up their run for office! EVER!! And, she was forced out by the Democratic Party!


Catch this BLOG on fire over the next few days with a marathon like no ONE has ever seen before. Get EVERYONE you know to come on board and make a comment and be COUNTED!

Let’s show a HUGE number at the end of this historical primary race that will represent how many of us are starting to spread the word to others that WE ARE NOT GOING TO be forced out and told who to support or how!

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Obama is a great speaker. But, something to realize in all of this excitement for him – he was the first candidate to bring out the magic word in his campaign “CHANGE”.

With millions of Americans in record- numbers unhappy with Congress, the President, AND the direction that are country is headed – ANY candidate who could speak eloquently with the message of “change” was bound to soar to the top in the primary race this year.

That word “CHANGE” was going to appeal to millions of Americans because millions of Americans are fed up with our political system and process and want anything but the above. The same thing happened with the Republicans when Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee started to soar. But, it is time to STOP and THINK once again – before jumping to Obama or anyone right now that is throwing around the word “change”. What is that change? How are they going to bring about change?

18-million citizens did NOT vote for Obama and the campaign of “change”. Not because we too do not want change but, because maybe most of us were able to ask the serious question, “How will he bring about this change?”

We, the 18-million voters, were the majority of the vote in the democratic primary and that was for Hillary – NOT for Obama.

Although Obama did NOT receive the majority of the vote – he was annointed by the elite and powerful members of the Democratic Party as the nominee of the Party. I ask you – isn’t this a contradiction to the message that Obama speaks of? Isn’t his message of change about the American people having the power to bring the change and not politics as usual where nothing gets done except for what DC decides is going to get done? Doesn’t he speak of change as being a new way of doing politics in which we see an end to decision-making through political power, favors, and backroom deals?

As far as McCain, if we do not go to Obama – are we REALLY left with ONLY the choice of going to McCain. After all, if Hillary will not run as an Independent and our voting block of 18-million stays in tack – we will be able to have the power to recruit almost anyone of our chosing to run for us as an Independent.

Because of the 50-state primary and Hillary working hard in each of these states – there are great numbers of voters in every state that sign petitions easily to get OUR INDEPENDENT candidate on the ballot. But, this is also – just a suggestion because we want to hear from YOU and what your ideas are.

Otherwise, we are just waiting to see what is going to happen next. And, in the meantime not a whole lot has changed as the media, d-party leaders, and Obama supporters tear down Hillary and Bill Clinton.

Something new that is happening, or maybe not so new but, at an elevated-level is now those of us that are of the 18-million are being torn down starting on CNN last night after the end of the primary races. I read on another blog that we are even being called racists by a major Democratic Party leader today.

So, what are we going to do?

This blog is for those of us that are feeling disenfranchised at this time – to share ideas of how to turn 18-million into 18 MIL STRONG and GROWING!

After all, our block of citizens that volunteer, contribute, and VOTE is strongly desired and desperately needed by BOTH parties and Presidential candidates to win in November. That is why both campaigns are in major strategy meetings trying to figure out the BEST way to come after us and bring us into their camp. Have you ever felt so powerful or wanted? What? Little ole’ me – the stupid, old, uneducated, blue-collar citizen that voted for Hillary? Isn’t this how we have been described?

However, we will ONLY continue to be a strong and desired force as long as we all stick together. If we begin to dwindle in numbers – we will begin to lose our value as a voting block.

Who knows, 18 MIL STRONG could end up being the movement to bring about the 2nd American Revolution for the citizens of our country peacefully from online meetings and debates.

How do we proceed?

Suggestion; none of us make any decisions for at least 30-days. We take this time to share our feelings on this blog and then we will come together with a common interest in where to give our support.

After all, Hillary could end up running as the VP or Hillary could be completely pushed out and have no where to go herself. But, one thing is for sure – the Democratic Party BELIEVES that eventually WE WILL ALL COME AROUND and vote for who THEY decided was going to be the nominee.

So, let’s get this revolution started by sharing your comments and suggestions. Then send as many other citizens to this site to participate so we may grow rapidly.

With great numbers – we will capture the attention of the media and of the candidates. And, NOT just Presidential candidates either. Oh, and we must not forget . . . we will also capture the attention of the TWO-POLITICAL PARTIES who care so deeply about each and everyone of us that they now have BOTH decided that our votes do NOT count (2000 and 2008). Let’s see how much they think our votes are worth when they can’t get them!

With strength in numbers – we will be able to have much more power that will open up the door for much more participation from the citizens in how we do politics in this country.

Keep the story alive and our power REAL by sticking together!

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